Are you a pregnant woman, new mother, or pregnancy support worker living in Hamilton, ON? Want to talk to us about your recent or current experiences of pregnancy in the city via a group interview or meeting? Contact Dr. Luseadra McKerracher to find out how.

Welcome to the website for Mothers to Babies (M2B)
M2B is a study investigating pregnancy, nutrition and impacts on babies, and their future health.
Watch a brand-new video put together by M2B student research assistant, Debbie Kao, to find out more about the project!

The M2B project is co-directed by Dr. Deborah Sloboda, Dr. Mary Barker, Dr. Tina Moffat, & Dr. Luseadra McKerracher.

Additional members of the M2B investigative team include Dr. Stephanie Atkinson, Dr. Sarah MacDonald, Dr. Beth Murray-Davis, & Dr. Meghan McConnell.